The Drill team have been performing with the Band since 1986 and throughout the ensuing years have accompanied them on tours of NSW, Victoria, USA, Canada, China, Austria & Switzerland.

The team was formed in 1985 and since that time competed in the sport of Precision Drill/Dance under the name of “Academy Guards”.   

Since 1985 they have competed each year in State & Australian Championships in the various disciplines of Set Drill, Precision Drill, Prop Precision & Freestyle.  They have been awarded the title of State & Australian Champions on many occasions during this time.

In 1985 the Team were appearing in a Military Tattoo in Sydney where the NSWFB Band was also performing.  The Musical Director, Mr Mark Reay, saw the team’s performance and approached them to see if they would like do performances with the Band.  As they say, the rest is history.

2012 Australia Championships

1st - Set Drill March        
1st - Precision Drill March
2nd-  Exhibition March
2nd-  Prop Precision
3rd-  Freestyle

2011 NSW State Championships:

1st Set Drill

1st Precision Drill

1st Exhibition March

1st Prop Precision

1st Freestyle

2011 Australian Championships:

2nd Set Drill

2nd Precision Drill

2nd Exhibition March

2nd Prop Precision

2nd Freestyle